GET POLISHED FOR FALL: Cruelty Free Mani/Pedi

For me, the Fall season means more than just a change in weather. I attribute it to all those years of preparing to go “back to school” this time of year. Now as the leaves begin to change, I get excited about familiar as well as new things, like a fresh workout regime, cooking stews and chili, and (probably most of all) putting away the sundresses and sandals, and boots and sweaters.

In addition to clothes and shoes, Fall means it’s time darker palettes. That color shift includes my nails. I love jumping into blacks, shades of grey, blood red or navy polishes. This season, along with switching up our polish colors, it can also be the perfect time to put more thought into what we are actually putting on our nails and as a result, into our bodies,

Honestly, I had not given it much thought about this until very recently. When I decided to live a vegan lifestyle, I wanted that to include all of my beauty. And as I began to research vegan nail polishes (which I had no idea was a thing), I discovered most were organic and toxin free. Toxins???

Common toxins in many nail polishes such as:

  • Dibutyl phthalate, which minimizes chipping but can cause issues for pregnant woman, interfere with fertility and cause organ damage.
  • Toluene, which gives polish that smooth finish, but can cause neurological damage, hearing loss and nausea. This toxin is also in some polish removers.
  • Formaldehyde (a known carcinogen), which is used to harden and strengthen polish. Large doses in the air and on the skin can cause cancer of the throat, nose and blood. Continued exposure can also cause abnormal fetal development and a build up of fluid in the lungs.

This research comes courtesy of cruel, unnecessary animal testing. Which was all I needed to hear. Why not switch to organic, vegan polishes which are toxin AND cruelty free, with no animal testing. So safe for you and kind to the animals.

While more and more vegan polishes are are the market… they are not readily available at many nail service salons. But you can find most of them on line, and of course Amazon. What I do is buy my own and take it with me to the salon. That makes touch ups at home that much easier.

You can also seek out an organic nail salon, which will put you in a toxin free environment. I found a great one here in NYC called Sundays Studio. They have three Manhattan locations which feature services like the 2 IN 1 Guided Mediation and Manicure which is $30 for 40 minutes. Sundays also offers gel manicures with non toxic gel polishes. I had this service for my hands and feet and loved it. The salon also features it’s own nail polishes and products.

It’s worth the effort to call around in your area and try to find an organic salon. If they don’t use vegan polish, do like me and bring your own. There are plenty of trendy and classic shades to choose from. Here is a great list from PETA, which includes Wet N Wild (who knew) and one of my favs, ella + mila.

Hopefully this season, while you are unpacking your favorite sweaters or shopping for new gear, give vegan nail polish a try. It’s a healthier, kinder choice that will have your nails as chic as ever.

*Research and photo courtesy ella + mila.

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