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Getting Back To Details-Let This New Nail Care Company INSPIRE YOU

At first I was embarrassed and then I just didn’t care anymore, but I have not had polish on my nails since March of 2020. The embarrassment did not last long during the early days of the pandemic. I realized quickly that, for me, beauty had to take a back seat to my managing my mental health.

For me, I am like many women who love to see herself with well manicured hands and feet. It definitely makes me feel more polished and pulled together, especially since I host a daily tv show. But going to a nail salon was not an option once the pandemic hit. And while, I can do a decent job with my nails on my own, it takes time to paint and then dry them suckers. So, pretty nails became less important than daily walks and good sleep.

But recently, I realized I am in a better space and that I am ready to focus on what makes me feel prettier. I am working out daily, leaning into nutritious eating, purchased some new lounge wear and I am ready to give myself a manicure and pedicure. And lucky for me I have the perfect nail company that’s Vegan AND Black owned!!

Jessie Monroe Nail Care is a new, quick dry, Vegan company with stunning colors. Brooklyn raised founder and owner Kalena Nettles-Williams named the company after her grandmother. Nettles-Williams wanted to create a brand to represent the urban community in the nail industry. She realized products used in nail salons were not made by people “in or from our community”.

I first learned about Jessie Monroe while interviewing my friend, beauty expert Danielle Gray, aka The Style and Beauty Doctor. You can watch our interview on Jessie Monroe and other Vegan beauty products here. I am delighted that there are more and more Vegan beauty items on the market to choose from, and now Jessie Monroe is one of my new favorites.

Let me know if you are a fan of Jessie Monroe or if you have another favorite Vegan nail care brand that you love. I would love to hear from you!


  1. Jessica Wells

    I am a huge fan of Jessie Monroe nail polishes. I love the colors! The brush makes the polish easy to apply which is great because if you’re like me, your dominant hand will look like a 2 year old did it. LOL.

    1. Jacque

      Lol, Jessica… It is amazing how the nails on one hand looks pretty good and the other looks like my dog did it. Thx for the comment!

  2. Kenyetta

    Love this polish. My color I frequent is blanco sent me. I even paint my daughters nails, it has no harsh which I love. Can’t wait for more colors because I’ve bought them all lol.

    1. Kenyetta

      No harsh smell*

    2. Jacque

      That smell thing is a big deal. Doesn’t bother me, but If others are in the room I don’t want to stink them out with the strong smell that polish usually has. Thx for commenting. Hope you will come back!

  3. Danielle Gray

    Yesss! So happy you love Jessie Monroe, too! I’m OBSESSED 🙂

    1. KM

      Vibrant colors 💖 My favorites from Jesse Monroe are Blushing Bride and Smooth Latte. Check out the cuticle oil also…it does wonders!

      1. Jacque

        Wait… how did I not know about the cuticle oil??!!

    2. Jacque

      Hey Lady! I can’t thank you enuf for recommending! You are such a beauty guru 😘

  4. Melissa

    Oh yeah! Jessie Monroe got great polishes!! I use them all the time. So easy to apply and doesn’t chip easily!

  5. Carmen

    I love Jessie Monroe nail polish. It is perfect for everyday wear. Love that you don’t need a lamp to cure it. The colors are beautiful! Perfect for a salon , home , or traveling.

  6. Enedra McBride

    I love Jessie Monroe Nail Care! The colors are pigmented and look great on all skin tones. Jessie Monroe’s polish dries fast and it’s vegan and cruelty free! This brand is one of my favorites. I’ve introduced it to several of my friends.

  7. Melissa

    When I got my pedicure I used Jessie Monroe polish. It has been a month and it has not chipped. It’s great that it is non-toxic and lasts long. I have used other non-toxic polish that peeled off after it dried. I am happy with my purchase and plan on buying more colors.

  8. Juliann

    I was the opposite during the pandemic where painting my nails became my therapy almost and allowed me to be creative! I stumbled upon Jessie Monroe Nail Care on Instagram and took a chance! It is soooo good! I have bought so many colors and have not been disappointed! The nail community on Instagram is amazing and Kalena takes the time to respond to comments or DMs just to say thank you! The Instagram nail community is amazing and if it weren’t for them I would know about Jessie Monroe or the countless other vegan nail polish brands that are also black-own!

    Get yourself Candy Apple! I one coat quick dry red! You won’t regret it!

    Dimension Nails, OOO Polish and Breukelen Polished are just some others to add to tour collection!

  9. Keri

    Absolutely love love these polishes. I almost have every single one. Best investment ever. Especially during these times, I’m able to be safe and get a professional looking mani pedi at home 😁

  10. Recey

    Okay … Where do you want me to start?

    First – Vegan and Black Owned!

    Second – The brush is EVERYTHING! The glide from the brush was sent from God himself. You know on movies how people glide around the floors with socks on and make it look effortless … that is how the brush glides on your nails. Not the mention you can dang near get your whole nail with one stroke.

    Third – FAST DRY! Honestly … I don’t paint my own nails because I don’t have time to sit there like a statue but BABY when I tell you after I painted the first hand … and moved to the second the minute I finished the first hand was dry. WON’T HE DO IT!!! All I could say was COME ON DRY NAILS!!! I put on the next coat and WHOOP THERE IT IS!!!

    Last But NOT Least – Customer Service is ON POINT!!! I can order my items in the AM and I usually get a shipping confirmation in 12 hours … honestly a few hours later !! Makes me feel like I am VIP!!!

    Ya’ll don’t miss out on this amazing product!! The colors are Vibrate … Service is Amazing … and Jesus himself rides on the glide of that BRUSH!!


  11. Krissy Cano

    I LOVVEEE Jessie Monroe nail polish! I can’t even pick a favorite color because every color represents a whole ass mood! The formula makes at-home manicures effortless and easy – it dries in no time! Kalena is doing some big things here, she is such an inspiration!

  12. Shakaya Slay

    I love this company!! I was first told about the polish line through a co-worker. She showed me the polish and I thought the color was beautiful. Three weeks later she still had it on and it did not chip! I got a few bottles and then I’ve been a fan ever since! I love the durability and longevity the polish gives, the colors dope and it’s vegan and cruelty’s free which is always the better choice if you want to be mindful of the products you use on your body.

  13. Kashifha

    Jessie Monroe has a great selection of vegan nail polish, as the mommy of two girls that love to paint their nails I am extremely happy that I have found a safe way for them to be as expressive as they want.

  14. Toyia Thomas

    Hiii there!!! Let me first say, I’m glad to hear you are doing better health wise!! Secondly, I’m definitely a Jessie Monroe nail care fan!!! She is for sure a woman that should be celebrated! She believes in uplifting and helping to spread the word about other black owned businesses! And she doesn’t shy away from spreading the love either. She cares about her customers and always goes above and beyond for them!! Her products are A1 and quite honestly, so is she!! Jessie Monroe Nail Care will always have a place on my shelf!

  15. Kathie

    I love their selection of colors and the ease of applying the polish because I suck at doing my nails but this polish made it easy and didn’t take much to time to dry. So yes!!! Love this brand!

    1. Twana

      I absolutely love *Jessie Monroe Nail Care*. Kalena Nettles is definitely a hard worker she is very eloquent. Her selection is vivid. I truly support her product and highly recommend her nail care.

  16. Nicole Pringle

    I love Jessie Monroe Nail Care! They have amazing vegan nail polish colors and their packaging is impeccable. The CEO Kalena is extremely personable and kind.

  17. Zalika @Pretty_poised_and_polished

    I’m new to the brand as well but I’m already a huge fan! The line has lovely colors and an amazing smooth and buttery formula! Love it!!

  18. Imani

    Great read. Thank you for sharing! I recently found JMNC and placed an order for ‘Beychella’ and ‘Don’t Start Now.’ It also helped that there was a promo running of $1.99 shipping, so I took advantage. Beautiful polish colors, long-wearing…oh, yes! I will be back for more. Another Black, woman-owned nail polish brand is Triple OOO polish. An added bonus to Triple OOO are the polish, “names with meaning” and she also educates her customer base with posts on African/Black/African-American history facts with her “Ten Minutes or Less” segments. And yes, the Triple OOO polishes contain none of the yucky stuff and are ‘Leaping Bunny Certified.”

  19. Larissa

    Jessie Monroe polishes are simply amazing!!! Love the formula and colors 😍😍😍

    1. Jacque

      Yes! The colors and the quality are 🔥

  20. Nicole King

    Yes! This brand is awesome 🥳 The formulas I have tried have all great and the owner is so fun to chat with.

  21. Meech

    So happy to see this amazing brand be featured!!! Jessie Monroe Nail Care is hands down my favorite brand of polish ever, from the formula to the brush to the customer service, everything is on point!

  22. Jess

    Jessie Monroe Nail Care polishes are incredibly awesome! I became a fan last year, and I even started recommending to my grandmother, coworkers, and customers. They really like the colors! I was even able to find the perfect colors for my grandma for Christmas! Also they do last and they dry quickly, so it’s a win-win!

  23. KM

    Vibrant colors 💖 My favorites from Jesse Monroe are Blushing Bride and Smooth Latte. Check out the cuticle oil also…it does wonders!

  24. Strawberry Shadez

    I love Jessie Monroe!!! It’s the best vegan nail polishes on the market….and the colors are super dope !! My favorite is “Baychella”…… and to top it off, it’s a black (female) brand , owned by my long time college friend Kalena!!! ❤️❤️

  25. Chantel Utley

    I absolutely love this vegan nail polish line! Jessie Monroe is BOMB! Her colors are bold, vibrant, unique and long lasting.

    In addition the owner & creator Kalena is just amazing! She’s knowledgeable with great customer service with a beautiful story behind our brand!

  26. Chantel Utley

    I absolutely LOVE Jessie Monroe’s Nail Care! Her polishes are bold, vibrant, vivacious, unique and long lasting! Also, I love the owner & creator Kalena! She is knowledgeable in how to take care of your nails properly with a beautiful story behind her brand!

    If you haven’t tried these polishes yet, I encourage you to support this brand! It’s of the best black owned brands on the market!

  27. Shantal Nicole

    Self-care is always important and there is nothing better than a manicure and pedicure…even if you have to do it yourself. Jessie Monroe Nail Care is top notch from the vibrant, long-lasting colors, innovative brush shape, and fast drying polish. The customer service is also awesome. I’m so happy you featured a brand I love!

  28. Raquel

    Love Love Love JM polish!!! I have tried so many different brands and types, and JM is by far the best!! Obsessed with the base and top coat. Shiny nails for days that don’t chip or peel.🥰

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