Going Natural-THE VEGAN WAY

After living most of my life with relaxed hair, I decided to go natural… which means no more chemicals. It was not an easy decision, but it was long overdue.

Because of the harsh chemicals black women use to straighten natural hair, about every three years my hair would break or thin. I would have to find some form of intense conditioning maintenance to restore my hair to a healthy state. The last time this ‘damage’ happened, I decided it would be the last.

And since I am now vegan, it was the perfect time give up relaxers, since many are regularly tested on animals. In addition, something that I have decided to ignore because I wanted straight hair… relaxers are linked to breast cancer and other ailments in black women.

So I was ready to go natural, but because I am on television everyday, I needed a plan that would allow me to go natural while maintaining a somewhat consistent look on air. I decided to go with a curly wig, that would give me an idea of what it would be like to have kinky, curly hair.

But I also needed a plan for the actual hair underneath that wig. For that, I knew I wanted someone who not only knew how to manage natural hair, but also had integrity when it came to products and a process that be best for my hair and my over all health. I found everything I was looking for with Syreeta Scott from Duafe Holistic Hair Care in Philadelphia.

When I went for my consultation with Syreeta, she began by asking me about my life. It was actually more like a therapy session than a hair appointment. She encouraged me to drink lots of lemon water, eat healthy oils, take magnesium, vitamins B and bentonite clay, and she told me to reduce any stress in my life. When it came to my hair, she advised choose products and maintenance that put the health of my hair first.

As far as hair products, Syreeta makes her own hair oil, which you can also use for your body. I absolutely love it! I smells good and it has worked the best with making my hair ( and my wig) pop with a little shine. I have also been using Moroccan Argon oil.

As far as shampoo and conditioner, I started out with Rucker Roots, which is vegan. I am still trying to figure out if Rucker Roots shampoo and conditioner is for me, but I am loving their leave in conditioner.

As I continue to try and figure out what products I will use in my maintenance routine, I will keep you posted. I you have any suggestions to share, please do.

While I am still trying to figure a lot out when it comes to healthy hair, being natural makes it much easier to use organic and cruelty free products. And for now, that is all I need to know I am on the right path.

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