The movement, known as Veganuary, is growing like Renesmee in Twilight. In case you have not figured it out, Veganuary is as if Vegan and January were dating. More specifically, it is the time of year that Vegans challenge non vegans to give being vegan a try… just for the month.

It began in England in 2014, and now boast participants in nearly every country in the world. How it works is that non Vegans take a 31 day pledge to give eating Vegan a try. Veganuary provides education, recipes, encouragement and other types of guidance on how to eat Vegan. In addition, there is information on the many benefits of Veganism with the most important being the prevention of animal suffering, helping the environment and improving human health. This year, organizers recruited Vegan superstar Tabitha Brown to help spread the word:

Other celebrity participants include names like Alec Baldwin, Alicia Silverston, Joaquin Phoenix and Paul McCartney. There is also corporate sponsorship and donations that help drive home the success. Here is a look at that success in recent numbers:

The ultimate goal is to help people realize the benefits of eating Vegan and living Vegan all year long. If you want to sign up, just head to the Veganuary website. If you are already Vegan, tell a friend.

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