January is all about BUTTER: 12 Months To Vegan Challenge

Hello January 2022! Its the first month of my 12 Month To Vegan Challenge, and for January the focus is on butter. For those hearing about this for the first time, you can read more about the challenge here. But basically, all during the month of January, you are supposed to substitute Vegan butter for your regular butter uses.

First let me ease your concerns about taste. As a long time foodie (long before I became vegan), I do not want my tastebuds to suffer. So I pay attention to what taste good. And let me tell you, there are many delicious Vegan butters out there that give you the same creamy, buttery flavor of dairy butter. Miyokos is my go to brand, but there are many others. And just like dairy butter, not all Vegan butters are created equal, so don’t give up if you come across a brand that does not suit you. Keep looking.

Now, you may have heard that switching to a Vegan diet, in general, is healthier. Well, butter is a great example of that. Diary butter is high in cholesterol and saturated fat. Both are linked to heart disease, which can be deadly, as well as other chronic inflammation and other ailments.

Some Vegan butters (not all) can have about the same calories as dairy butter, but that is minor when you consider other factors. Vegan butter is lower in saturated fat and higher in heart healthy monounsaturated fat. The ingredients of Vegan butters vary depending on the brand, but are typically made from plant based milks, various nuts, pea protein, avocado oil and olive oil. Some are made with palm oil which I have a huge issue with because cultivating it typically causes great harm to the environment and animals in that environment. So shop carefully because there are some Vegan butters on the market that are cheaply made and over processed with not so healthy ingredients. But my fav, Miyokos is one of the most thoughtfully made Vegan butters on the market… low in calories, made with fresh and healthy ingredients AND it is palm oil free, so we will be friends forever 💖

Some Vegan butters are better than others for baking, especially if you need to let the butter sit out before using it. To be safe, just go with… you guessed it, Miyokos. Baby, it just works.

For me, the main reason not to use dairy butter is because of the heartbreaking abuse that happens to cows and their calves. I grew up thinking that cows just automatically produced milk. I had no idea that like human women, they only produce milk when they are pregnant and preparing to feed their calves. Factory farmed dairy cows never get to feed their calves. The mothers are mechanically impregnated, their calves are literally snatched away at birth and they are mechanically milked until they are dry and then that is done to them again and again and again until they are too old to get pregnant. Once the mother gives birth, the female calves are immediately put in a solitary pen until they are old enough to impregnate. The male calves are quickly slaughtered and often used for veal or are just discarded.

So if the taste is the same, it cooks the same AND it is healthier for you, why not give Vegan butter a chance? I really hope you do.

And believe it or not, I am not being paid by Miyokos, nor do I have any professional relationship with the company. I really just love the product. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you have any details on a Vegan butter that you like. Also, if you are participating in the challenge, let me know how it’s going for you,

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  1. Themessia Fenceroy

    Very interested in taking this journey.

  2. Lystra

    Ready to get started!! 🤗

    1. Jacque

      Let’s goooooo!!

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