Listen 👏🏾 To 👏🏾 Me 👏🏾 –The Eggiest Non-Eggs On The Market

Going vegan means giving up eggs. That would have been little tough for me, but much to my delight there are so many egg substitutes out there to choose from. I’ve tried a few, but my hands down favorite is JUST Egg.

Like me, you probably will be blown away by how much this products cooks up fluffy, JUST LIKE REAL DAMN EGGS! JUST Egg not only cooks like egg, but has a consistency and taste that is very much like the real thing. It’s actually made from the mung bean, a legume that is a staple in Asian diets. And what may be the best news… when it comes to health, JUST Egg is protein-rich, cholesterol free, and there are no saturated fat or artificial flavors.

I usually scramble my JUST Eggs. I start with a little olive oil and garlic, then I saute onions, green peppers, mushrooms and spinach. Then I shake up the JUST Egg bottle and pour the liquid into the pan. Of course, that dish is not complete with out some vegan buttery grits and vegan Beyond Sausage.

I’ve often make French Toast with JUST Egg on the weekends. and my non vegan friends can’t tell the difference. You can simply switch out eggs with JUST Egg for any French Toast recipe you already use or track one down on the internet. For my dish, pour that bottle of just egg in to a medium bowl. Then add cinnamon to taste (which is a lot for me), a pinch of nutmeg, a teaspoon of vanilla extract, a bourbon to taste (which is a lot for me, lol). I heat up the skillet with some vegan butter, soak the bread and cook it up. I serve it up with some maple syrup and a side of vegan bacon or Beyond Sausage. I’m getting hungry for it as I write this!

So where can you get it? JUST Egg was hard to find for a while, but the company made a recent deal with Walmart, so it should be available at most of their stores. I pick mine up at my local Whole Foods, but you should check to see if it is available at a store near you on the company’s locator page.

JUST Eggs comes from the JUST company, which is a food technology company. Their team works with Michelin-starred chefs and leading scientist to find tools in the plant kingdom to make our food tastier and healthier. In addition to JUST Egg, the company also produces JUST mayos, JUST dressings, JUST cookie dough and more.

Trust me, you’ll want to give this product a try and when you do, please send me pics via email or social media.

-wishing you wellness 🐔🌱😘

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