PODCAST-EP #31 Plant Based Nation Creator Dr. Mills on The Dangers of Drinking Animal Milk


Title:  An in-depth lesson on all things milk/dairy with Dr. Mills



This episode is all about dairy and the impact it has on our health. Race and Nutrition Specialist, Dr. Milton Mills breaks down why we should avoid animal milk consumption for both health and ethical reasons. He also gives different plant-based options for those of us who just can’t picture life without milk. This episode will challenge our perspectives and all the myths we were taught about the benefits of dairy consumption. 



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  1. Message for moms


“They have to stop feeding their kids milk. And the reason is, the research shows that children who are fed milk are many times more likely to end up developing colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, diabetes as they age. That effect of being fed dairy products as a child has been shown to last as long as 60-65 years after exposure. So you’re actually doing your child a great disservice, giving them cow’s milk. That is unhealthy for you.” 


  • Covid-19 black community 


“The thing is, you think you’re healthy. You think you’re fit but the fact is that your body is nutrient depleted. When you are suddenly challenged with something like COVID, and your immune system needs all of those vitamins and minerals that comes from plants and all you’ve been eating is Popeyes and Chick-fill-A, you got nothing to fight with.”


  • Health benefits


“We don’t have to live in fear. We don’t have to live wondering if one day we are suddenly stricken with severe chest pain and drop dead of a heart attack, or if we’re going to go to the doctor and tell us, ‘You know sorry Mr. Mills you got colon cancer,’ or something. That doesn’t have to happen if we are willing to change our diet.’”


  • Effects in our bodies of animal milk, what is milk


“Human milk actually has roughly the same amount of fat of cow’s milk. The fat in humans is unsaturated fat meaning it stays liquid in room temperature, whereas the fat in cow’s milk is saturated, which means it solidifies why you can make butter out of cow’s milk. You can make ice cream out of cow’s milk, but you can’t do that from human’s milk. Cow’s milk has almost 2.5 times more protein in it than human milk.”


  • Money example 


“This perfectly explains the influences of money the US dietary guidelines put out by the US Department of Agriculture, and the dietary guidelines that were created in 1980… were conceived not as way of ensuring better health for humans but as a way of encouraging Americans to consume more of what American business workers were producing.”


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