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Let’s Talk Home Cooked Food

Plant Based Chef Porsche Thomas shares her favorite Vegan comfort food recipes, journey to veganism and why she has patience and love for non Vegans. She also talks motherhood as a Vegan.

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The decision to eat vegan

8:16-8:57 “I decided to get certified in plant-based nutrition. Just to have the information in case anyone asked me any questions. And then learning more I realized this country…there’s not enough regulations to protect us from what they do to our food, and I don’t want to feed my children this way. Actually eating vegan and eating organic is the best way to eat here. So I decided for my New Year’s resolution that I was going to go vegan finally, which was at the very end of my pregnancy. My kids were born like one week later. I didn’t want to nurse them eating that way.” 

Having conversations about veganism with people in your circle

9:48-10:44 “I intentionally try not to be annoying because I also know personally that when someone is preaching…and I don’t ever like to be preachy because I don’t like to be preached at. So my kids are getting older and they’re starting to eat different things when they’re not with me. I’m like, ‘I want you to know what it is just so you know. You know how cute those animals are, that’s what that is.’ So I do like to drop gems on people just in case they didn’t know…but in a very non-judgmental safe way…you should know what they do to the food. The things they put in our food is like not even legal here in Germany.’”

Types of holiday foods prepared

15:43 – 16:15 “My forte is Thanksgiving anyways…I don’t cook for losing weight. I put all the vegan butter in everything. I make the things that I loved growing up. And thanksgiving and Christmas time, that type of eating is all I care about in this whole wide world is like comfort food. So I make what I like.”


23:18 – 23:45 “It felt so out of reach to a lot of people, so it became important to educate people on how to do it, how accessible things are. How it doesn’t have to be expensive…if you buy a lot of foods it can be expensive, but guess what else is expensive? Meat. So it became very important to me to educate people on that. So I created this online course, at the same time that I was doing the book, and I kind of rolled them out together.’“

Body and health changes from vegan diet

35:02 -36:40 “As far as my health and digestive system functions, it just functions much more efficient now and for me, that’s like a big deal…I feel good. I get my blood work done constantly. I take my supplements…I feel good. I don’t crave it, I don’t miss it…nothing has come up for me. I come into people who say, ‘Not everyone can do it. I tried it, and I had all these issues.’ I do know that a lot try to go vegan, that’s why I feel like it’s so important to get the information behind it because then you know what your body needs to have a well-rounded diet. I feel like a lot of people go into it knowing what to eat, and so people are like hungry all the time…you have to also eat greens. You have to make sure you’re getting enough protein and getting a well-rounded diet as you would if you were not eating a vegan diet.”

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