The Ongoing Pandemic: STAY READY

Many of us thought the worst of Covid 19 might be over by now. But hotspots remain across the US and experts warn the first wave is not ever and that this fall the second wave is coming. While many communities are phasing back to normal, it may be wise to stay ready. With that in mind, we wanted to repost this article from back in April, which details ways that you can stay during the pandemic.

**REPOST**Despite reports that transmission rates of Covid 19 in the US are down in some places, we are still a long way off from putting this pandemic behind us. That means people will likely continue to get sick and continue to die. Because the government and our medical system are so overwhelmed by this, it is smart that we do what we can to be prepared to handle things on our own. in case we or someone we know gets sick. We have some tips that could be helpful.

Keep It Out Of Your House

It may seem silly or extreme to be extra cautious, but it is time to get over that. In addition to social distancing, it is important to mindful of what germs enter your home. If you are going out of he house, be sure to properly wear gloves and masks, even if you think you won’t need it. Once you return home, properly wash your hands and your clothes.

Since experts say the virus can live on surfaces, it s important to wipe down groceries or deliveries. It is probably best open deliveries outside or in the garage and leave boxes/containers outside. Here are some tips on wiping down groceries.

Stock Up On Over The Counter Medicines

Many who contract Covid 19, but don’t develop severe respiratory issues are usually asked to self quarantine at home and manage their symptoms. Based on what has been reported so far, you will need medicines to treat fever, nausea, dry cough, diarrhea, runny nose, aches and pains. Since symptoms can last up to about 14 days, get enough supplies to last that long for each person in our household. *It’s been advised that ibuprophen not be used to treat any of the symptoms because…

Stock Up The Freezer

It may be best to stock up your freezer and pantry. No need to go and clean out the grocery store, but make a plan to have about 2-3 weeks of reserve food. If you self quarantine with mild symptoms, you may not want to go to the grocery story and risk infecting others. And you may not even be able to go to the grocery store if you or someone in your home comes down with serious symptoms. Also, with the way things are going, we can’t rule out the possibility that grocery stores closing down temporarily to give workers a break or build up stock.

Being The Caregiver For Someone Else

If you become the caregiver for someone who contracts the virus, but is not sick enough to be admitted to the hospital… a primary concern is nursing them back to health while also not getting sick yourself. That can be tough. It is best to create of plan of action ahead of time, including identifying where in the home the sick person will hold up while they recover. Also having masks, gloves and whatever else you may need on hand to protect yourself. Here is one woman’s account of caring for her husband.

Getting Tested

While federal and local government work to make testing more available, it still may be tough to get test if you need one. I am not doctor, but it may be best to let your symptoms be your guide. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms, see a doctor and try to get a test. If you have wait on the test, follow drs orders and operate as if you are positive. That means self quarantine and take meds to treat the symptoms you have.

The Hospital

Planning ahead could be the key to surviving. It is best to identify which hospital you want to go to if you need to be admitted. Research the hospitals closest to you and try to determine which ones are best handling the pandemic. Figure out transportation to that hospital once you are sick.

Once you are admitted you will likely not be able to have family or friends there with you to comfort you or advocate for you. They will have to do it from afar. Identify the person or persons, now, who will make up your advocacy team. It might be best to have a team that consists of someone who is persistent, someone who is knowledgeable about medicine, someone who is organized, someone who is cool under pressure, someone who is familiar with your medical history and medical wishes (which you need to determine and communicate before you get sick). And, God forbid, but if you take a serious turn for the worse, you will need someone to make sure your paper work and last wishes are in order. It is difficult to think about, but necessary.

Have a communication plan and make sure you have your phone, iPad, etc., along with proper chargers in the hospital with you, so you can keep in touch with family when needed.

Your Pets

Just like to need an advocate team if you are hospitalized, you will also need someone to help care for your pets if you are admitted or if you are home, but very sick. Identify someone who can hopefully pet sit for you in their home. If not, have someone who can come by to feed and visit with your pet. And since there are reports of pets getting sick with coronavirus, make sure to keep your pets away from you if you are sick. Make sure you have contact numbers for the vet and emergency animal hospital along with a list of any meds.

If You Live Alone

If you are single, you not only need an advocacy team for the hospital, but also if you get sick at home. One of the common symptoms of this virus is severe fatigue, so if you sick at home… you may not be able to do much for yourself. It is best to identify a team of folks who are willing to help take care of you…. bring you food, medicine, medical supplies, etc. Work out a caretaker plan so they can avoid contracting the virus from you.

Based on reports from experts here in the US and around the world, Covid 19 is not going away anytime soon. We need to be ready to fight back as best we can. Stay safe and stay sane.

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