I hear you. Figuring out how to eat a Vegan diet can be confusing and overwhelming. Take it from me, it is not easy… at first. But it does get easier once you wrap your brain around how it all works. You simply have to change the way you think about what you eat. But I have a really easy plan to help you out. It’s called 12 Months To Vegan, and you are not going to believe simple it is to participate.

Twelve Months To Vegan is just that, a monthly guide that helps you test out what it is like to eat Vegan by swiping out non vegan food items with Vegan versions. We will kick things off in January with butter. Put your dairy butter in the freezer (or give it away) and replace it with Vegan butter. All month long, use Vegan butter for all of your typical butter needs… toast, sautéing veggies, topping popcorn, baking… even cooking fish, steak, etc. Yes, at this point you can still eat meat, cheese, etc…. basically everything else stays the same, you just switch out the butter.

Now come February, you have a little decision to make. In February, the food item changes to milk, ice cream, coffee creamer, condensed milk. Simply switch out these items with delicious Vegan versions (and yes they all exist). Now here is the decision you need to make… you can either go back eating regular butter for the month of February, or you can keep eating Vegan butter along with the vegan milk based items for the month.

And that is how it will go from month to month… you can either focus on just switching out the food item or items for that month… or you can just keep expanding the list of Vegan foods you are eating. If you do the latter, you will pretty much be ready to fully commit to eating Vegan. It’s your choice. Either way, each month I will give you nutritional information, cooking tips and recipes for the featured food items.

Here is a list of the food items. Please leave a comment here or on our @vegansexycool social media, if you plan to participate or have any questions.

January: Butter

February: Milk, Ice Cream, Yogurt

March: Breads, Desserts

April: Eggs, Mayo, Sour Cream, Salad Dressing

May: Chicken

June: Beef/Pork

July: Seafood

August: Cheese

September: Broth, Bullion, Worcestershire Sauce, Stock

October: Breakfast items

November: Lunch items

December: Dinner items

I truly hope you will give this a try! Let me know.


  1. Sandra

    Ok. I’m going to try it but July is going to be real tricky.

    1. Jacque

      lol, it will get tricky in July, but you will be building up to it so I think you’ll be ready. Glad you are giving it a try!

  2. Jenee Whaley

    I’m in!

  3. Garnetta

    Me too! milk and ice cream already off my list

  4. Krystina

    I am ready to take this challenge head on. I did salads and no meat for about 3 weeks this summer, and I felt a difference in my body. My birthday is this month, so this will be a great time to start!!

  5. Bernadette Esposito

    sign me up

    1. Jacque

      Glad you are on board!

  6. Kesima

    Im in

    1. Jacque

      Let’s do this! Did you join the FB group “12 Months To Vegan”? Also, watch the youtube video on my Vegan Sexy Cool channel.

  7. Mary Ware

    Saw you on Wendy! I would love to take the 12 month vegan challenge. How do I share your page with friends? Thanks

    1. Jacque

      Hey Mary! If you are on FB, join the private FB group “12 Months To Vegan”. You can also watch my youtube video on my Vegan Sexy Cool channel to get all the background info and then just join in! You are going to love it.

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