Wiping Away Cruelty : NEW BEAUTY BRAND

I met Lauren Napier years ago when she was working as a make up artist at NBC. I was instantly impressed by her skills, as well as her knowledge of beauty ingredients. Not along after that first meeting, she began talking about this product she created that she said was going make a mark in the beauty industry. Years later, she turned out to be right.

Cleanse, Flaunt and La Rose by Lauren Napier are vegan beauty wipes that are in high demand. And nothing says success like the fact that the wipes are for sale at luxury fashion website Net-A-Porter (and also on her site). All these wipes are made with non toxic ingredients and are cruelty free from animal testing. Most of all they work. I should know. When you work on tv, wearing heavy make up is part of the job. So having something that easily takes off the make up and doesn’t damage your skin is a treasure.

I had a chance to catch up with Lauren to talk more about her successful products.

VSC: Why did you decide to make your wipes cruelty free? toxin free?

Lauren: Protecting the environment, animals and my customers is important to me. I wanted to ensure that I have a product i can be proud of. It’s the only option for me. We won’t test on animals, nor will I embrace ingredients that have toxins and can create damage to my customers overall health.

VSC: What was the process like to come up with the right ingredients and products or your wipes?

Lauren: The process was exciting. I was a make up artist for more than a decade when I launched Lauren Napier Beauty. I had access to so much make up and skincare. So I knew what worked and what didn’t. It took me many years of experience to create an exceptional and effective product.

VSC: How do they differ from other wipes on the market.

Lauren: My products’ design and ingredients have made us a must have beauty item for any beauty bag. Our wipes are formulated with 80% water, botanical ingredients sourced from across the globe. Plus, they are lightweight and TSA Approved.

VSC: In what other ways are you focused on protecting the environment?

Lauren: We don’t use microbeads because they are hazardous and pollute the oceans and quite literally choke the animals who call the ocean their home. And Lauren Napier Beauty’s wipes are 100% recyclable.

VSC: I feel like I can never truly get all of the make up off my face. Will these wipes clean my face from tv make up?

Lauren: Our wipes are designed to gently and effectively remove makeup, oil, perspiration and pollution from the skins’ surface. The fabric is textured, saturated and our formula is designed to gently dissolve and lift make up from your skins surface.

VSC: As a make up artist, did you make a conscious effort to use cruelty free and toxin free products on your clients?

Lauren: I made a conscious effort to use products on my clients that I would use on myself. Our skin is our largest organ. Whatever we apply to our skin is consumed by your body. I wouldn’t want to give toxic ingredients to those who trust me with their appearance and by extension their health and livelihood.

VSC: You are not a fan of the term ‘anti-aging’. Why not?

Lauren: The term “anti” means against. I am not against aging. I’m a fan. I believe people get better with age, some of the most beautiful people I’ve encountered have freckles, wrinkles and the beauty of wisdom and time on their side. If you have concerns about aging, try FLAUNT by Lauren Napier. The ingredients are noni fruit and Vitamin C, Vitamin K, lycopene and selenium…. all designed to improve cell turnover and maintain your skin’s vitality.

VSC: Will you be adding new products in the future?

Lauren: You most certainly will see the Lauren Napier Beauty collection expand. It’s important to me that the next generation of Laurent Napier Beauty products are developed with the same thought and integrity as the inaugural collection. That takes time.

To learn more about Lauren and Lauren Napier Beauty follow her on social @laurennapierbeauty, and be sure to check out the site.


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