Kissable Kindness: ALL ABOUT ‘THE LIP BAR’

Once I became vegan, I decided to go all in. So that meant giving up many of my favorite beauty brands. What’s vegan about mascara or lipstick? It’s the choice by the company not to test their products on animals; or use a variety of ingredients derived from animals, such as collagen, glycerin, keratin, elastin or animal hair for brushes, according to Plant Based News (entire list here).

But I quickly learned I had nothing to worry about. Much to my delight, there are plenty of high quality, affordable companies with products that made me forget all about what I used to use. You may already know about one of my top choices, The Lip Bar. The Lip Bar is all vegan, toxin-free and one of the most successful new make up brands on the market. Back in 2012, founder Melissa Butler started creating lipsticks her kitchen while working on Wall Street, because as a Black women she wanted to have more options for women who looked like her.

Now she’s in hundreds of Target stores and selling out of the company’s newly opened flagship store in Detroit with a full line of make up. The lipsticks and glosses are my favorites, with long lasting, vibrant shades inspired by women of color. And the lip products are full of ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E and avocado oil, which keep your lips moisturized and kissable.

Melissa says there are no animals in her lab because, “why test on animals when humans will gladly tell you how they feel about the product.” Sounds like the perfect way to look good while doing good. Be sure to check out The Lip Bar site for the latest products and upcoming events.

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