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PODCAST-EP 11, S 2- Cooking Vegan, Beating Breast Cancer & Educating the Black Community.

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Cooking Vegan, Beating Breast Cancer & Educating the Black Community

Vegan Cooking Instructor Donna Green-Goodman is a breast cancer survivor who shares her journey to veganism and how going plant-based is one of the best gifts she’s given herself. After hearing that not even treatments would most likely extend her time here, she took a chance on her health by going the holistic route, and it worked.

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Can’t Miss Moments

Donna’s Story (3:03 -3:21)

“Two to five years to live. That’s it. That’s it. And that was originally you are looking to hear what they’re going to say and they kept saying that it was really bad. So then, they said two to five years to live. And then I said, ‘What if I take treatment?’ and they said, ‘Even with the treatment, you still only have two to five years to live.’”

Reaction to Radiation treatment (4:18 – 4:35)

“I did three weeks and was ready to stop. My family convinced me to stay another week, so I stayed another week, came home, scraped everything off and got in the tub and I’m like ‘God, it’s in your hands. I can’t do this anymore.’ My breasts felt like someone had lit a match inside of me and I was burning from the inside.’”

Why was a more holistic route something that occurred to you (5:38 – 6:04)

“When the doctors didn’t offer me hope with what we term “traditional medicine,” I started looking at, well, what else can I do. A lot of people call plant-based eating, vegan eating alternative, but it’s really not. It is an integral part of primary health care, but it’s not something that we use to really impact disease.”

Why did the doctor say you were not getting better? (23:03- 23:31)

“She said that because I did not do the treatment, she could not say that I was cured and if I had done the treatment and gotten these results, she would say that I was. I’m like, but the numbers are better now. Not to mention all the other stuff that was getting better, I mean everything in my life was getting better. She looked at me and said, ‘I don’t want you to tell people that if they change how they live, it can improve their health.’”

Experts in Medicine vs. Health (28:04 – 28:23)

“When you are in Macy’s or whenever you shop, you don’t buy the first pair of shoes that you see. You are going to look and try and is the heel right? And is it wide enough or is thick enough? Is my toe going to be out too much or whatever and is the price right? That’s the exact same thing we should do when we look for medical care, but we don’t do that.”

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