PODCAST: S 2, EP 9 Jane Velez Mitchell Talks Vegan Cooking Show

Journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell Talks Cooking Vegan And Saving Animals

This episode is the perfect mix of entertainment and education. Broadcast Journalist Jene Velez-Mitchell is a passionate advocate for animals. In this podcast, she talks about her journey to veganism, the impacts of living a plant-based life, the “why” behind her new Amazon cooking show, and so much more. 

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Impacts of living a Vegan lifestyle


“Well I have these people come up to me all the time and they look really old, and they go ‘I watched you when I was a little kid growing up.’ And I go ‘oh boy ok’. Or I read about people who are the same age in the newspaper and I’m like, ‘What!? You know Rick Ban Winkle.’ No I’m kidding goofing around. I feel very blessed. I think I am a living example of you’re not going to be low energy on a vegan diet. People are always telling me to just chill out and are like ‘Ok enough. Madame the customers the other day are asking if you could lower your voice too.’ So I have too much energy. I wake and I’m just running around all day. Back when I was a local news reporter they used to call me Rocket Socks.’”

Slaughterhouse workers are sick


“Slaughterhouse’s are hotbeds of the pandemic and they’re not going to get the kind of treatment that Donald Trump got to the taxpayers subsidizing even though he paid $750 in taxes, $100,000 in treatment drugs alone, no, they’re not going to get that. Slaughterhouse workers are getting infected and they’re infecting their families and they’re dying.” 

How Jane deals with sadness that comes with the job

30:30- 30:44

“Brush it off. Being sad doesn’t help the animals. Let me do the next indicated thing and stay out of the results and have faith and hope. And then I give myself permission to be happy.” 

Jane’s perspective on people who get praised for stopping veganism 

35:00- 37:25

“I also come back to the addiction analogy. People get so worked up and then they slip. And the old joke is ‘I could quit drinking, I do it all the time’. It’s a question of, is that light bulb on or is it something you did for the wrong reasons. If you do something for the wrong reason or- I honestly don’t know how to analyze it because- Let me say this, when people slip from alcohol they often say things like ‘Well I decided I’m not really an alcoholic I can have a drink here and there.’ And the truth is if they do have a drinking problem, that answer will eventually be disproved because it is a progressive illness. Sometimes people can get away for a couple of months drinking normally but eventually that urge will overtake them and they’ll be off and running again over and over again and end up in the gutter or in jail or embarrassing themselves. So when people rationalize their behavior they can be very creative.’”

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