They’re Trying To Kill Us: MOVIE ALERT

They’re Trying Top Kill Us is a new documentary that focuses on racism, food justice and Black Americans. It comes from the creator of the phenomenally successful vegan doc “What The Health”, Keegan Kuhn’ and long time activist and vegan influencer John Lewis, aka “Badass Vegan”.

The film zeros in on the oppression and injustice against Black Americans and how the relates to why we eat what we eat. We’ll see the story of John Lewis, who grew up in Ferguson, Missouri. We’ll learn why he became vegan and why, as a food justice activist, he is on a mission to use hip hop and Black culture to improve the way Black people eat.

Lewis and Kuhn have been doing crowdfunding to raised money to release the film. Still no official release date, but my hope is that it will be out soon.

Here is the trailer of They ‘re Trying To Kill Us.

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