You Didn’t Even Know You Needed This-VEGAN VITAMINS

Tonya Lewis Lee is a force. She’s an attorney, award winning film and tv producer and a best selling author. She is also the wife and often project partner with Academy Award winner Spike Lee. So when Tonya Lewis Lee’s stands behind something, I lean in.

One of Tonya’s newest projects is in the area of wellness. Movita Organics is Tonya’s new line of vitamin supplements for women. There is a multivitamin, one for hair, nails and skin, and prenatal. What I love most, all of (aside from the fact that you can take these supplements on an empty stomach)… Movita products are vegan and organic.

I know what you’re thinking… “What animal products are in vitamins and other supplements?”. I was shocked as well. Here is a list from

Tonya is a fellow vegan and makes her health (physical and mental) a top priority. So she not only wanted to avoid the use of animals, but she also wanted quality and effective ingredients. She says her products deliver more antioxidants than conventional vitamins. I actually love them and take the multivitamin and hair, nails and skin supplements everyday.

Tonya shares more about Movita in a VSC Q&A

VSC: Why are multivitamins important?

TLL: Most people do not get their full daily recommended vitamins just from their food intake. Multivitamins can be a baseline of nutrition and can provide a healthy dose of good energy.  Our Movita products blend ingredients that can address some of our underlying nutrient needs so your body can do the work it needs to do. And for me, I like the idea of a clean product made with organic ingredients.

VSC: What is the benefit of ‘organic’ vitamins?

TLL: As a certified organic vitamin company, Movita has adhered to the established ICS organic standards and certification process to prove that our product is made with organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. Whole foods are better than refined (think whole wheat versus refined flour) and the same is true of our vitamins. Refined, synthetic vitamins isolate a nutrient and rob it of the full benefit of its nutritional value and are harder to digest. We prefer to have a clean vitamin with whole ingredients. 

VSC: These vitamins are completely allergen free and vegan.  How do you ensure they still contain what we need daily?

TLL: Movita is composed of pure and organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs that work synergistically to deliver optimal results. Our ingredients are designed to enhance the efficacy of each without the use of animal products or the most common allergens.

VSC: Does the beauty vitamin have the daily benefits a woman needs, or should it be taken along with the multivitamin?

TLL: Movita Beauty has ingredients that are specifically good for healthy hair, skin and nails, but this product does not replace the need to take Movita Multivitamin which has other added ingredients for overall health.

VSC: Why was the prenatal regime important for you to include?

TLL: It was important for me to introduce a prenatal product to our line of vitamins that I knew was clean, made from organic fruits, vegetables and herbs for women who are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant.  Good nutritional health gives mom the strength to carry baby and ensures that  the growing baby has the baseline nutrition it needs to develop into a healthy and strong child.  Good prenatal health ensures that an infant has better health outcomes overall.  Also, it was important to create a product that would be easy to take by pregnant women without upsetting their stomachs. As a certified organic prenatal, women can trust they are getting good clean nutrients for mom and baby.

You can order and learn more about Movita on Tonya’s wellness site,

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