Efforts To Feed those IN NEED. How you can help.

A new year is supposed to be a new start, but for far too many the impact of Covid 19 on their lives will carry over to 2021.  Especially those who took a financial hit and are struggling to just put food on the table. We’ve heard the reports of food banks across the nation, overwhelmed with record numbers of those in need. 

The good news is that there are many organizations that are doing their best to provide food, assistance and support.  That includes groups that are focused on making sure Vegan options are available to those in need.

Providing Vegan food for people with food insecurities can accomplish two important goals. First, it would help people who are Vegan for ethical or health reasons don’t have to comprise their commitment. And second, since Vegan food is typically healthy… it’s providing those in need with better options and may encourage them to seek healthier options when they eat on their own.

Chilis On Wheels began their Covid 19 relief efforts by providing meals to students who were home early during the pandemic, but not receiving school lunches. Eloise Trinidad helped organize a system to get Vegan meals to students, which would help them immediately and in the future. She said in an interview with Jane Velez Mitchell, that “Children who are eating these processed animal products and meat, by the time they’re ten years old, they’re showing signs of diabetes and heart disease.” 

Chilis on Wheels is New York based and is also sponsoring meal shares and providing Vegan groceries for about 2,000 families in neighborhoods hardest hit by Covid 19. When Chilis on Wheels is not providing emergency relief, they drop off Vegan meals and Vegan groceries to those in need, provide free Vegan dog food, as well as host free workshops and mentoring to people who want to transition to Veganism.

Chilis on Wheels is open to food and monetary donations. They are also looking for additional operational space to store dry food and to pack bags for delivery.

Support + Feed has more of a national reach. During the pandemic, this organization has collecting meals from local Vegan restaurants and delivering to those in need and first responders. The system relies on generous customers, who can purchase one or more meals for someone else. That food is then delivered by Support + Feed.

Support + Feed gets huge support from celebrities. That’s because in addition to being based in LA, founder Maggie Baird is the mother of famous musician and Vegan, Billie Eilish. In a recent interview with VegWorld Magazine, Baird said focusing on plant based restaurants was a no brainer. ““We wanted not only to support the incredible restaurants that are promoting this way of eating but also believe that plant-based food would be the healthiest, most nutritious (and safest) food we could provide to those in need… and its cruelty free.”

If you are blessed not to have to worry about food during these difficult times and you are looking for a way to help others, these two groups are a great place to start. You can find out more about both groups here:

Chilis on Wheels

Support + Feed

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